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Forage Rotation Survey - Respondents Wanted!

The Forage Rotation Survey, conducted through the U of S College of Agriculture and Bioresources, strives to illustrate how land management has advanced over the last 30 years. The purpose of this project is to evaluate farmers’ progress toward sustainable forage use and on-farm practices. The data will be used to inform governments and the public about improvements in production sustainability, and to help provide a voice for Saskatchewan farmers in ongoing discussions surrounding GHG emissions and carbon sequestration.

Farmers who have included a forage in either or both their 1991-1994 and 2016-2019 rotations are invited to complete the survey by registering online.The survey will ask about all aspects of forage inclusion, from seeding through termination, and we expect it will take between 3-4 hours to complete. Participants will be paid up to $200 in compensation following completion. For more information, please reach out to one of the following researchers from the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics:
         Stuart Smyth, Associate Professor & Research Chair in Agri-Food Innovations,
         Claire Williams, Research Officer,
         Judson Christopherson, M.Sc. Candidate,

Register for the Forage Rotation Survey HERE.


 Letter from a Prairie Chicken

Irene Ahner '65 C came into possession of the 1944, '45, and '46 Greystone year books. With the help of other sources she found the history of women in the College and School of Agriculture.  Women such as Alice Munro '44C who was secretary of the ASA in 1943-44 and "a staunch crusader for the emancipation of women within the college". Roberta Phillips '44 S from Herschel, SK, who was the School of Agriculture Sheaf rep, Kathleen Hodson '44 S, from Rosthern who was the School of Agriculture Executive Secretary, and Ann Caton '47 C who was the ASA Dramatics Rep.
Read about these, and other interesting women, in Irene's Letter From a Prairie Chicken.

FRIENDS OF THE STONE BARN                   

This is to convey some of the information received during meetings, to discuss some draft heritage principles, and to discuss the state of the Stone Barn in particular. If you have comments on the draft heritage principles, or ideas for how the Stone Barn might be repurposed: please do send them along.  We need to ensure both initiatives - how heritage buildings are assessed and managed into the future, and a vision for the Barn - receive thoughtful, careful - and creative - responses. 

A report on 'Successful Examples of Adaptive Re-Use of Heritage Agriculture Buildings' has been put together by the Saskatoon Heritage Society and can be viewed here

Click on the Image below to view the Friends of the Stone Barn Newsletter.

Click here to view the Friends of the Stone Barn Newsletter - Volume 3 


This is the classic Saskatchewan story of communities coming together to fulfull a dream to construct the largest Agriculture teaching and research facility in Canada.

Click Here to purchase the Sodbuster's Vision Book.